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Paris Workshop – 01. April 2023

Paris Workshop 2023 - I am in!



Whooooop, thank you for registering for the Paris Workshop 2023 – I’m so happy that you’re taking part!!! These are the next steps:

Miriam Kaulbarsch

the coach

I am Miriam & I'm going to show you the secret of Fine Art

When I started as a photographer I knew what kind of images I wanted to create: I wanted them to be light, airy, feminine and elegant.

But it should take me years and lots of courses and workshops to finally nail my style.

Now I want to give my knowledge back to you and help you to find your unique and distinctive Fine Art style!

The Team

A classic

Paris Elopement

This moodboard shows the inspiration for our workshop – a classic Paris elopement with Fine Art colors and a black tuxedo to create a sophisticated and timeless feel. 

We will explore all the iconic landmarks of this beautiful city and create stunning images for your portfolio.

At each of the 4 locations, I will teach you my way of catching the light to create those bright & airy images we all love as well as teach you different ways to create romantic & intimate posing.

Paris Workshop 2023 Moodboard
MKEducation Guide
MKEducation Guide



Download the detailed schedule with all information here!

Frequently Asked Quesetions

Mark your calendar for the 1st of April 2023! It’s recommended to book your accommodation from Friday to Sunday to enjoy the workshop day without pressure. You could also in the morning and fly back in the evening if you’re from Europe.

The workshop will take place from 10 AM to 3 PM. We will shoot on various locations in Paris city – it’s recommended to get a day pass for the public transport.

You’ll get a guided workshop with an editorial session as well as a lunch and drinks for the day. All early bird attendees will also get their own mini branding session done by me!

Every early bird attendee gets 10-20 min time slots for their branding portraits. You can decide yourself what location you like best – this is of course limited to the locations of the workshop. It’s recommended to have a small bag of make up to freshen up and another set of shoes. There’s no possibility to change clothes so it’s also recommended to already wear what you want to wear for your portraits.

We will meet up at 10 AM at the Jardin de Tuileries. After a quick „getting to know each other“ we’ll directly start with the workshop. I will explain how I would work with the environment, the light and the couple and each of you will have time ask questions and to create your own images.

Of course! What I don’t want is some kind of group shot where you go back home with merely lucky shots. Each of you will have enough time to work with the bridal couple alone to include your own ideas and to reflect on the workshop contents. 

To keep it small & exclusive and to ensure you will have enough time, only 5 photographers are able to attend. 

You will have to pay for your own travel & accommodations and further meals as well as public transport. The lunch on Saturday is included.

You don’t need to be a full time or ‚professional‘ photographer. You don’t even need to know how to manually shoot. The only thing you should know is how to operate your camera and how to edit the images you will create.

If it rains, I have clear umbrellas for our couple, which can also look very romantic. There are also places where we can take photos and that provide protection from the rain. If everyone is flexible in time, we move our break and take pictures when it’s dry. But let’s all just send a prayer to St. Petrus so that he doesn’t let us down 😉

If you have any further questions, please write me an email: hallo@miriamkaulbarsch.de