Toskana Workshop 2024

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Tuscany Workshop – 14. – 17. September 2024

"I am in!" Tuscany Workshop 2024



Whooooop, thank you for registering for the Tuscany Workshop 2024 – I’m so happy that you’re taking part!!! These are the next steps:

Miriam Kaulbarsch

the coach

I am Miriam & I'm going to show you the secret of Fine Art

When I started as a photographer I knew what kind of images I wanted to create: I wanted them to be light, airy, feminine and elegant.

But it should take me years and lots of courses and workshops to finally nail my style.

Now I want to give my knowledge back to you and help you to find your unique and distinctive Fine Art style!

The Team

Scent of


The mood board shows the inspiration for our joint workshop and you voted on the name via Instagram: Scent of Lavender is a classic fine art editorial for an upscale and timeless feeling.

We will explore the most beautiful corners of Tuscany and create wonderful images for your portfolio here.

In the workshop I’ll show you how I capture the light to create exactly the bright & light images we all love. I’ll also show you different ways to conjure up romantic and intimate poses and thus build storytelling. And of course we will showcase beautiful stationery!

Moodboard: Toskana Workshop 2024
Toskana Workshop 2024
Toskana Workshop 2024



Download the detailed schedule with all information here!

Frequently Asked Questions

From September 14th to 17th, 2024 – the workshop will take place in any case, so you can book your arrival and departure directly!


Arrival team & workshop participants

Welcome dinner



Workshop in the morning

  • Finding the right light for fine art

  • Storytelling with posing & image selection

  • Flat lay styling


Styled shoot in the afternoon & in the evening sun




Styled shoot, for example, in Siena in the morning

Lunch in Siena (not included)

Relaxation by the pool and in the villa in the afternoon




Departure Team & participants

  • For early birds: Organized arrival and departure from/to Bologna
  • Accommodation in an apartment (2-bed room / sofa bed) in a villa in Tuscany with pool and chapel
  • Meals (except lunch in Siena)
  • Participation in workshops on various topics
  • Participation in 2 styled shoots

What is not included in the price?

  • Arrival and departure
  • Lunch in Siena
  • If necessary, additional meals outside of the main meals
  • If necessary, transfer costs such as train journeys or taxis

The Antico Borzo San Lorenzo is a collection of small houses, villas and apartments on one site. We are accommodated in two apartments (10 and 5 people), although the workshop participants will stay in the smaller apartment. There are no single rooms there. The apartments are directly opposite each other.

What I definitely don’t want is for so-called pack shooting to occur and you basically only go home with lucky shots. Each participant will have enough time alone with the model couple to be able to implement ideas and what they have learned in peace.

In order to keep the whole thing as intimate and exclusive as possible, there are a maximum of 5 participants in the workshop.

You don’t have to be a professional or full-time photographer. I don’t even need you to know how to shoot manually! The main thing is that you know how to use your camera and know how to edit your pictures afterwards.

No – the concept is of course designed for fine art style and my workshop on the topic of how I read light also relates to the fine art style. But it’s entirely up to you which style you choose to photograph.